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ASEC provides the platforms and delivery mechanisms to commercialize talent around the world.

About the Company

ASEC was established in 2004 by its President, Mason P. Ashe, a veteran sports and entertainment attorney after many years of successful representation of talented musicians, athletes, and the entities that provide the platforms and delivery mechanisms to commercialize such talent around the world.

ASEC has enhanced the lives of many athletes, entertainers, and executives in the sports and entertainment industries, but it has received the most public recognition for the negotiations of team and marketing contracts on behalf of some of the most notable athletes in the NBA, NFL, WNBA, and international basketball leagues.

ASEC has also received a great deal of attention for its advice and counsel to employers that retain the services of uniquely talented individuals for commercial exploitation at live shows and via the distribution of digital recordings on television, radio, Internet platforms, and popular social media networks.


The secret to ASEC's success has been first and foremost, putting the needs of clients first.  Moreover, after many years of trial and error, ASEC has experienced its best results when representing clients that understand and appreciate the following popular universal laws:

  • The best deal is mutually beneficial for all parties involved;

  • Be courteous to everyone you meet;

  • Honor those who help you;

  • Success is a journey not a destination; and

  • "Good luck" occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

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Brand Jordan Classic_BrooklynNY_2015
Howard U Stadium_Wash, DC
NBA All-Star Game
NBA MSG2 (Big East)
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